1. Can LostCryptoWallet recover crypto passphrases?

Yes, LostCryptoWallet was created to recover lost, forgotten or misspelled seed list passphrases. In order to recover your crypto wallet seed list, we will require some general information from you, such as a backup file of your wallet or the private key. The procedure for recovering your passphrase depends on the type of wallet you need to recover - hardware or regular online wallet.

2. Can you restore my lost private key?

Yes and no. Restoring your private key depends on what you mean by “lost key”. If you have no clue where you put your private key, no one in the world can’t do anything about it. Even if you have the public address, it won’t work because you need to have both details to get to your funds. If you think that your private key is somewhere on your computer or in the cloud, but you don’t remember exactly where, then yes, there is a chance to restore your passphrase.

Above all, we can help you if you are not sure about a few of the passphrase characters because we have a software to perform the checksum method.

3. How safe is LostCryptoWallet?

Very safe. We take responsibility to take action only upon explicit authorization by you and we won’t compromise any of the information you provide. Please check how to get in touch with us here.

4. How do I get in touch with you without taking unnecessary risk?

Crypto wallet information should not be shared without using encryption techniques. Therefore, you shouldn’t send it in the same email if you want to keep it safe. In order to share your crypto wallet information with us safely, you need to use a PGP key. You can either send us your details if you know how to do that or use this contact form to ask for help and guidance about how to do it. We will help you right away.

5. Where can I see if you can restore the password for my wallet type?

We can restore almost all types of crypto wallet passwords. For a full list of wallets, check our “Wallet List” page. If you can’t find your wallet on this list, get in touch with us via the contact form to check if your wallet type will be available in the near future.