Recover Your Bitcoin Wallet Password

Have you lost or forgotten your Crypto Wallet Password?

Investing in cryptocurrency is a smart decision, but losing the seed list passphrase for your crypto wallet isn’t. You know that you must keep an eye on your wallet – it is your own private bank safe!
Since only you, the owner, knows the encryption, how can you get your hands on the funds earned if you lose or misspell your seed list passphrase? The money may be gone for good.

But there is an option to sort out the out of order seed lists for your crypto wallet. By providing us with the information you have memorized we will attempt to restore your passphrase using brute force decryption.

Is this for real?

Crypto wallet passwords are some of the strongest passwords in the world. There are rules that need to be respected in order for them to work. The point is simple – no one should be able to break your passphrase and get access to your Bitcoin or Ethereum accounts. So, how can it be possible to complete a crypto wallet password recovery when even best decryption experts in the world can’t do it?

There is a reason to worry, but not all is lost. Strong passphrases are typically made of a long string of characters and it’s easy to mix things. What if you don’t quite remember what you thought you knew well?

There is a chance to get that valuable password back by using the checksum method. The seed list forms a hexadecimal math problem with your final word as the checksum.  That’s specifically what we can help you recover.

We can make it real. Here is what we CAN do!

The checksum method does exactly what it says it does – “check” the “sum” of the numbers and characters you have used for your crypto wallet recovery.

  • Did you keep a number of versions of your crypto wallet password, but you’ve misspelled some of them and now you can’t remember which is the correct one?
  • Did you swap, mixed or forget up to four letters, numbers or symbols to your crypto wallet passphrase?
  • Did you forget the capital letters you used? For instance, do you know that you’ve used a “P” and a “T” but that only one of those was capital, but you are not sure which one was it?
  • Have you written down the full version of your passphrase, such as Kcv&&#12uxT%@45, but it won’t work as you type it?
  • Did you use an association with your favorite song, but don’t know the exact lyrics line you used for backup?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then this service is for you. We do not retrieve passwords from lost private keys, wallet IDs or backup files.

How does the Crypto Wallet Recovery Service work?

We perform brute-force decryption of your crypto wallet seed list by using a powerful C++ program. We’ve chosen two of the top providers of scalable services – Linux and Amazon cloud services. Scalability is not a problem – we’ve proven that with tests on up to one hundred 8-core computers, but we can scale it up even more.

We have developed a super-fast tailor-made GPU (video card) software to handle all GPU (video card) hardware occurrences associated with wallet encryption formats.

It’s very difficult to break advanced cryptocurrency encryption. Bitcoin wallets are designed to be almost unbreakable. However, there is always a possibility to decrypt a complex algorithm. The checksum technique can enable an average home computer to check the passphrase correctness, for a little less than a tenth of a second. We’ve created a software tool capable of executing brute-force decryption by using hexadecimal decryption.

Here is how hexadecimal numbers correspond to the numbers we know:

Hexadecimal: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F

Decimal: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

What wallets can I recover?

This crypto wallet recovery tool can help you restore any of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets and private keys:


Check out the full list of wallets and private keys we can recover here – you’ll find all hot altcoins included.

How do I Know This Service is Safe?

This is a genuine question that deserves a rightful answer. How do you know that we won’t misuse the trust you’ve just given and get your money? In a similar way data privacy works on the web, you can hand over only the critical information from your cryptocurrency wallet so that we are able to attempt the brute-force decryption and still keep your privacy intact.

How Much Do You Charge?

Our business model is based on charging a percentage from recovered cryptocurrency funds. We ask for 15% of the total recovered funds.
This means that if we don’t succeed, we won’t charge you. You can consider this a helpful partnership model where we take care of what you’ve bungled for a small reward.

Ready to Restore Your Password?

Send us your wallet details and the closest match of your password you can remember. We will do the rest. Use the following contact details: